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Born of necessity

In 2012…our needs were developed from having our own e-commerce brand be scalable and how we took a garage business to over 150,000+ orders a year due to the platform and technologies we developed. Today we execute global e-commerce for brands in five continents and have a robust staff who are experts in their respective fields. So we get exactly where brands are coming from, and have the tools we need to make them grow…

WHo We Are

Our Team

Rupesh Kapadia

Design & Automation

Rupesh has several years of experience working in project modeling, architecture and automation with companies including Control4 and Creston. Rupesh studied computer science engineering and systems engineering at Penn. He was awarded the Carnegie scholarship and has been named a John M. Olin scholar.

Jesse Diamond

Operations & Logistics

Jesse has spent years managing purchasing and operations for a multinational media retailer. He has directly executed over $5M in purchasing and managed logistics and customs clearance for thousands of international freight shipments. Jesse obtained his degree in economics from DePaul University with a focus on computer science.

Kevin Holland

Design Director

Kevin is a Graphic and Web Designer who has worked with clients in a wide-range of industries including food & drink, apparel, housewares, jewelry and non-profits. He started his career working with P.R.S.V.R. Chicago and has worked with over 100 brands on design and marketing. Kevin earned his degree in Graphic Design from Columbia College of Design.

Michael Flood

Business Development

Michael connects the dots between our team of experts and those that NEED our service. He has over 12-years of experience in the marketing agency space and understands business’ need to look at problems and opportunities holistically. Michael has a degree in marketing from DePaul University and is currently pursuing his MBA in Finance at the Quinlan School of Business: Loyola University Chicago.

Hannah Carter

Brand Reputation Manager

Hannah is dedicated to conceptualizing and implementing brand strategies that drive growth and cultivate a loyal customer base. Hannah utilizes research and data analytics to drive decision-making and that serves as the impetus for growth amongst various organizations within the food, hospitality, and real estate industries. Hannah earned her degree from George Washington University. 


WHo We Are

Our Advisors

Ariel Gurian

General Counsel

Ariel previously worked at a Chicago intellectual property firm on various trademark, copyright, internet, fashion, patent law and litigation issues. She also researched various commercial litigation issues at the Circuit Court of Cook County for the Honorable Judge McGrath. Ariel obtained a law degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Melissa Evans

Brand Leadership

Melissa has over 10 years of experience working with luxury brands in Europe and in North America. Her work experience includes purchasing and planning fro Alexander McQueen, Tod’s of Italy, and Jimmy Choo. Melissa has a degree in merchandising and management from the fashion institute of technology.

Eamon Ladewski

Communications & Strategy

Eamon is a management consultant with experience across multiple verticals, including: project management, communications, marketing, procurement and supply chain management. Eamon previously worked at FTI and The Lab Consulting. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame.

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